Thursday, July 10

Spend, spend, spend!

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As promised, no longer just a boring shot of the sky to get us going. This time I give you a "trying-to-be-arty" shot of a new building in Ginza. I like the twisty-ness of it, plus the reflection of the sign on the left. And since I started in Ginza, I might as well keep it going on the commerce tip.

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This is my new Porter pass-case. I had been wanting to get a leather case for my commuter pass for a long. And partly in celebration of getting a new job, I treated myself to this little piece.

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It was not cheap, but I am kind of obsessed with perforated leather and I dropped a chunk of change on it. But each day I get to use it and it makes me smile. Actually a couple weeks back I dropped a boat-load of money in a matter of hours.

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It was fun, but now with the empty wallet ain't so fun. At least I used cash so I don't have to live in dread of some massive bill coming. And some how that bill is always more than you think it should be, every time! I guess that is one advantage of using mostly cash in Japan – no bill shock.

Eagle-eyed readers (viewers?) will notice a large Undefeated purchase in the pic above. I will share that one in the next post. (I think)

One more example of out of control spending.

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Ever seen a baby-blue Lamborghini MurciƩlago? It was a first for me too! Maybe first and last? I mean how many Lambo owners can reject the factory options and go for the customizing route? One more look?

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I say the color works. Thoughts?

Lastly, tell me, is it wrong that I like this song, even though it is basically an add for _______. Can you figure out what its for?

Santogold, Julian Casablancas, and N.E.R.D. Produced by Pharrell

The song was produced by Pharrell for Converse. I want to dislike it for its so thinly veiled corporate message, but I like the song. (Shrugging my shoulders)


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Anna said...

i like the song too. mostly becuase of santogold...