Tuesday, August 29

The Rocket

I like cars. While walking around I notice cars all the time. I swear between looking at people's shoes and cars on the road it's a wonder I don't walk into buildings more often.

Tokyo being such a big and wealthy city there are tons of nice cars out and about. It is always fun spotting the good stuff. It is clear that in Japan the car that carries the most panache is the Benz. I must see hundreds a day. They are the preferred car of execs, yakuza, rich housewives, and on and on. (Plus there is a whole VIP car movement which is a story for another day.)

So because there are Mercedes every where, how does one establish a little individuality. This being Japan, it is not everyone who wants to establish this....but there are a lot of people who do. So, the discerning owner goes for the after market route; usually subtle and dignified. The ruler of that roost is BRABUS. They seem to have just the right amount of exclusivity and the products that hit the spot.

Benzs are not my favorite, but I can easily appreciate that they are generally great cars. I usually prefer the bolder choices taken by BMW and the overall design care of Audi. But my favorite Mercedes right now is easily the CLS and BRABUS has filled this one with their magic. So much magic that it is now the fastest 4 door car available. It is sick.

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