Thursday, September 7

The New York Trilogy

This time I read something a bit more intellectual than my last book. I just finished it today. The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster. was a well written book. I'm sure it was of the highest quality. Sadly reading it was a bit less than enjoyable. I enjoyed some parts of it for sure. But I also struggled with it. I always felt like I was understanding only a fraction of what was happening. It was like looking at the ocean surface: you know that there is a LOT of stuff going on down there...but you can't make it all out. It was frustrating on that level, and I just felt not smart enough. But in addition to that, the characters made choices that hurt themselves ...over and over again. I will go through a lot of hardship with the promise or even the hope of redemption. I hate stories that just keep getting darker and darker with no hope. All three stories, or the one story with three parts, did this. It is a testament to his skill as a writer that I didn't throw the book down in despair.

All of this sounds really uncomplimentary ...I didn't hate this book. I laughed a bunch of times and there were some of the most amazing single sentences that I have ever some across. It is just that I had a hard time reading it. I am glad I finished it, and at the end a lot of stuff was being brought together. Lots of loose strings being tied off. But I still felt like I was missing a major point. That is not the best feeling to have as you finish a book. Maybe I will read it again in 10 years and be able to penetrate the mysteries. Here's to hoping!

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