Monday, September 4

Shopping and Lambo On the Brain

Part #1.

Another beautiful day here in Tokyo, a bit too hot for my taste....but what can you do. I went out shopping today, as I am known to do. I was out looking far and wide for shoes and clothes. I went out yonder to Chiba and then back to Tokyo to hit Ueno. I saw a lot of good stuff, but nothing forced the wallet out of my bag. This pair of classic 180s for ¥6,000 was close, as were these Air Max 03s for round ¥11,000, but these Air Stabs were by far the closest for about ¥8,500. I held back though....I'm not sure why. I hope I don't regret it.

Part #2.

Anyways, while I was out today I didn't see too many great shoes or cars. But for some reason this was the car on my brain.

It's the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. I have no idea why I was thinking about this car. Maybe my brain was trying to tell me that it was the perfect car for the day. Who knows, killer car regardless. I have seen it love in the wild a few times in Tokyo. It looks razor sharp and the sound is amazing. From all the reviews I have read, the drop top is even better than the coupe.

If that is not hardcore enough for you, try this:

I like this Hamann treatment of the Lambo. It's hitting it....but not too hard. Sometimes I really dig their tuning decisions, other times not some much. This one is spot on. I say job well done!

View Top Gear drive and review of the Gallardo Spyder here.

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Right.....the Air Stabs. I will be getting some asap!