Monday, September 11

Trad & Tech

Japan has always offered a conflicting image: at the same time it embraces every and all new technological advance it holds the historical traditions in high regard. When considering these opposites some images come into my mind. The most obvious is this: an older woman perfectly turned out in a gorgeous kimono talking on the newest mobile phone. Every time I am confronted by this image I want to appreciate it. It is truly a sight to see.

This week I stumbled across a new poster image for the two sides of Japan.

I'm dying to know what he was doing on the Internets. I mean, I know that a monk is a person just like everyone else, but come on!!! This guy isn't out praying for something, or trying to raise money for his temple, no no no, this guy is checking on the latest events!!! Amazing!!! I was stopped dead in my tracks and had to throw it into reverse to snap a couple pics. I know they are not the greatest quality....but I had to hurry. I was scared he would notice and start yelling at me. Like, somehow I was blowing his cover. Who knows.....


Anna said...

now your posts on here are approaching the level where i might start sending links around...this is the stuff i wanna see!

JOhn said...

glad you are liking what you see! but i thought you always liked it?!? no matter. i will strive to keep the quality level high. no whammies!!!