Monday, September 11

Outfit 06.09.11.

This t-shirt came from my brother. I saw him sporting this bad-ass shirt on one of my visits to my family in Boston. Now a word about my brother: he is a difficult case. I'm swear that he spends almost no time thinking about his clothes. I don’t think he buys a lot of clothes and he hates shopping. On the other hand, he does get a lot of free clothes from his band’s sponsors and friends. And over the years I have hooked him up with some nice t-shirts and shoes. But still, every time I see him he is rockin’ some ill gear. I know that he just grabs whatever is around, but clothes look good on him. It's kinda annoying actually. Anyways...he shows up wearing some Easy-E on his chest. It looked real nice. Come to find out he got it for free. I quickly demanded he hook me up with one. And he came through for me. I don't wear this one very often because it's a little hardcore for an old man like me, but I do like it a lot.

Now on to these gems. I got them this weekend. I had been keeping an eye on these through various sneaker sites, waiting for a confirmed release date. It was Saturday, but sadly I had to work. So, Sunday morning, bright & early I jumped on the train up to Mita Sneakers and picked up a pair. I was a tiny bit worried they would be sold out....but it looked like I had nothing to worry about.

These Air Stabs are part of“Nike Air You Breathe”pack. It features three designers coordinating a shoe and some matching apparel. All of the products are killing it. I was really drawn to the Air Max 360 and the wind-breaker that goes with it, but for now I am happy with my Stabs. If I can, I might pick up one of these t-shirts, but only time will tell. [more info & pics]

Purple is the new black.

ps. My ipod project is no more. I had been holding off posting more "Chronicles of the ipod" while I looked for a way to include audio clips in my posts. Of course I was still listening to a lot of tracks and being very careful not to blow it. My goal was to go through all 2300 tracks on the random setting. On Saturday night on my way home, I looked down at my ipod to see what track number I was on, thinking I would see some where around 800-900 of 2300. But no. I saw 33 0f 2300. Fiddlesticks. I must of let the battery die at some point. Extremely disappointing. I will have to look for a new way to dish out the tunes.


Anna said...

no more ipod project? you inspired me to try the shuffle and all weekend i used it to discover songs buried deep deep within that little hard drive.

ps. NICE JOB you finally got the airstabs.
pps. how is it that both my brothers have easy e shirts and i don't? i find that very upsetting.

JOhn said...

im glad you tried the shuffle. i have always been a fan. that im off it i will be able bang my head to what I want to!

ps. peep the link for more pics if you didnt. some really nice stuff!