Friday, September 15


Today I bring you odds and ends. I hope they will excite and delight.

First off, it is finally cooling down in Tokyo. It was downright chilly the other day. That means I'll be able to break out my jackets soon! You know I loves me some jackets! Today finally the rain let us have a break! It was like 3 days straight. That's no business. Cause as everyone knows, you can't wear killer kix in the rain. To celebrate the sun today, I wore my new Air Stabs again. Man.....I am lovin those things. Love the purple and they are super comfortable to boot! (Way more comfortable than than my Air Max 1s.) I might even be so bold to say they are the most comfortable Air Max. But, that may be just the purple talking!

Next on the list is the hot ride I saw today. I tried to snap a picture, but it was not up to even the most relaxed of standards. Instead I bring you some professional pics of the same car.

The Ford GT. The best American supercar around. It's is so good, that even the Euro car mags can't bash it like every other American car. Way to go Ford. It proves that every once in a while, America CAN build a good car. I always loved the original racer one, especially in the old colors. The new one lives up to it's predecessor. Not an easy thing to do. How can you not love the orange and blue???


OK, enough about cars.

Since I bought the Air Stabs, I thought I could chill for a while. Save some money, buy some other things, but no....I found these are to be released in the near future. I not sure how I'm gonna swing it, but these are to....die....for:


That is all for today. I'm off to Kyoto for the long weekend. I hope it continues to be cool and dry. On a scale of 1 to 10....rain is the worst!

ps. a little Ice-T for you.

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